How many foals did Doc Bar sire?

According to AQHA records, Doc Bar sired 485 foals which earned over 7,000 halter and performance points and 27 AQHA Champions. Doc Bar is credited with bringing a totally different look to cutting horses and for putting the sweeping motion into the cutting horses of today.

Who bred Doc Bar?

Doc Bar was by Lightning Bar by Three Bars (TB) and out of Dandy Doll by Texas Dandy. The chestnut colt was bred to run, but failed miserably. Earning a total of $95 in four outs, Doc Bar was given to Charley Araujo of California to show at halter.

What are Hancock horses?

Today, rodeo competitors, ropers and ranchers appreciate Hancock-bred horses for their big, stout conformations, grittiness and cow sense. Some Hancocks are known for their buck, big feet and less-than-asthetic heads, but staunch supporters say few foundation bloodlines produce such hardworking horses.

How many foals did Smart Little Lena sire?

Due to his earnings of over $39 million, Smart Little Lena is in second place for all-time cutting horse sires. With a total of $57 million of foal earnings, he is first place as the leading maternal grandsire. The stallion sired 17 world champions, 11 reserve world champions, and 110 register of merit world champions.

What breed was Smart Little Lena?

Smart Little Lena – YouTube

How much money did Smart Little Lena make?

Smart Little Lena was foaled June 29, 1979. Smart Little Lena’s low, flowing snaky cutting style won the 1982 NCHA Futurity. He followed that win with first-place finishes in the NCHA Super Stakes and Derby. After earning $577,652 in just eight shows, Smart Little Lena was retired to the breeding shed.

What is the stud fee for metallic cat?

* For the 2019 breeding season, Metallic Cat’s stud fee is $10,000. However, as a thank you to those who bred their mares to Metallic Cat in 2018, a repeat booking in 2019 will be discounted $5,000. All paid contracts will guarantee eligibility for the 2019 incentives.

Who rode Smart Little Lena?

Born in 1979, Smart Little Lena (Doc Olena [Doc Bar] x Smart Peppy [Peppy San]) was owned by a syndicate. He was the first National Cutting Horse Association Triple Crown champion, and in only eight shows, won $US743,275. He was ridden by the late Bill Freeman.

How many foals did impressive sire?

Impressive was highly sought after for breeding, despite at one time carrying the outrageously high stud fee of $25,000. He sired a total of 2,250 foals, and as of 2003, was estimated to have in excess of 55,000 living descendants.

Why did Impressive have HYPP?

Impressive was born in 1969, and in short order he passed the dominant HYPP gene on to thousands within his breed, a domino effect of disease rushed along by artificial insemination. The disease stands out because its spread was hastened and, in effect, promoted by breeders.

What bloodlines carry GBED?

What is glycogen branching enzyme deficiency (GBED)? GBED is found in Quarter Horse or related bloodlines that causes late-term abortion or death of foals by a few months of age.

What does N N mean in horses?

Normal (N/N) offspring can be safely bred without fear of HYPP being inherited. Selective breeding to normal (N/N) horses could entirely eliminate HYPP disease. As HYPP is inherited as a dominant condition, it can and is being spread to other breeds.

What is an H horse?

H/H – are horses that have the gene mutation and are homozygous for the trait, hence the fact that this mutation is always passed on to the offspring.

Can you ride a horse with HYPP?

Should an HYPP-positive horse be ridden? According to Dr. Spier’s studies, the chance of a paralysis episode occurring while the horse is being ridden is unlikely. However, muscle spasms are unpredictable and can occur with only slight symptoms.

Can you breed a horse with HYPP?

HYPP is a genetic disease noted by mild to severe episodes of muscle spasms and trembling. HYPP links back to the Quarter Horse sire Impressive. Breeders should refrain from using any HYPP horses for breeding. Lowering diet potassium levels and providing regular exercise can help manage HYPP in affected horses.

How many king ranch horses have been inducted into the AQHA Hall of Fame?

Name of horseAzure Te (TB)
DamBlue One TB
Broodmare sireCount Fleet TB
BreederAzure Te Syndication
DisciplineBreeding stallion

Why are some quarter horses so muscular?

These horses are obese, tend toward having very straight (post) legs and fetlocks, and often carry the gene for Hyperkalemic periodic paralysis (HYPP), an inherited disease of the muscle which is caused by a genetic defect.

What are Poco Bueno horses known for?

A distinguished career as a performance cutting horse followed. In 1953, he was named an AQHA Champion. Pokey, as he was known on the Waggoner, passed his talent and his good looks along to his progeny, including AQHA champions Poco Champ, Poco Doll, and Poco Bob. Poco Bueno died in 1969.

How do you treat HYPP?

HYPP is inherited as an autosomal dominant trait. Treatment of HYPP attacks by intravenous application of calcium gluconate, bicarbonate and glucose results in rapid recovery. Consequent dietary management and daily administration of acetazolamide effectively controls the disease.

What does it mean when a horse is foundation bred?

Definition of Foundation – He is more horse for the height than is found in any other breed. Built low to the ground, much of the time he does not exceed fifteen hands, but due to his build will often weigh twelve hundred pounds or more.

What is a HYPP test?

How is HYPP diagnosed? Horses that exhibit clinical signs and are descendants of the stallion “Impressive” on either the sire or dam’s side are highly likely to be affected with HYPP. A DNA test is performed to verify that a horse has HYPP.


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