How long does it take to make a Voltaire saddle?

Whole manufacturing process has now taken over 6 months. Can’t ride, Voltaire knows this and still misses deadlines – they just don’t seem to care. 2nd rep was helpful with refitting and is quick to respond but seems to have no influence over the process. Melissa Souders recommends Voltaire Design USA & Canada.

Where are Voltaire saddle made?

Live distribution on the Internet, as well as manufacturing in a workshop in Morocco, where each employee is trained in the know-how by a Voltaire master saddler, allow Rebelle to offer saddles at an affordable price, with a quality identical to that of the Group .

Who rides in Voltaire saddles?

For our riders – Voltaire Design is joined by many of the greatest international champions, such as Beezie Madden and Oliver Townend. Voltaire Design works closely with their top riders, to ensure the comfort and performances of their horses.

How much is an Hermes saddle?

Select your saddle. All our lined saddles are priced at $8,800. Let’s make your saddle – Contact our expert!

What do the numbers on a Voltaire saddle mean?

The first digit in each group of numbers refers to the area of the paneling on the saddle, and the second two digits refer to how much additional thickness has been added to that area, in millimeters. If we look at the Voltaire stamp, the fourth and fifth lines tell us the paneling.

Can you finance a Voltaire saddle?

It will take 10-12 weeks for the saddle to arrive and you pay before dispatch when it is ready. Unlike most self-employed saddle fitters, Voltaire offer two financing options.

Where are Prestige saddles made?

A Prestige saddle is a real artisanal gem made in Italy and just like other leather products it requires a continuous care: this will help preserve its look and it will increase its lifespan.

Where are Albion Saddles made?

The Albion Adjusta-Tree Story – Did you know that all Albion Trees are made in our British factory in Walsall, West Midlands? Albion has responded to the needs of the sport horse, creating trees that allow freedom of shoulder movement and panel stability within each and every saddle.

What kind of saddle does Beezie Madden use?

Beezie Madden is among that elite group of rider. Her saddler of choice, Voltaire Design. Because if you’re going to have your pick of saddle companies, you go with the one willing to tweak their products to your personal specifications.

Where are county saddles made?

I love to design for clients who think that a saddle can’t make a huge difference in soundness and performance,” said Gene Freeze, owner and designer of County Saddlery Inc., the custom saddle-manufacturing firm based in England.

How do you read a Butet saddle stamp?

Butet: C18 2 1/4 925 07 – Flap: 1 is standard and 2 long, 3 is extra-long. The second part describes the forwardness, 1/4 being slightly forward and 1/2 more forward.

Are childeric saddles adjustable?

Our saddles – jump and dressage – are all adjustable and we would love to work with you and be involved in your young horse’s progress.

How do you read an Antares saddle stamp?

It is the 2,491 saddle made in 2012. The third line tells us the flap, a longer (3), normal (N) shaped flap. The fourth line tells us the seat size, a 17.5”, and the seat width, L. Antares has 3 seat widths with E being narrow, L and XL begin the widest.

How much does a Voltaire saddle cost?

Or for a one-time price of $15,000, you could be one of just ten riders who will be serviced with Blue Wing saddles for life.

Are Voltaire saddles adjustable?

The recent launch of the Essentials range completes the Voltaire Design saddle offering with a line of saddles for jumping that offers many of the hall markings of Voltaire Design quality but at a much reduced price achieved by making the saddles semi customisable, with an adjustable fitting through the gullet head

How do you take care of a Voltaire saddle?

All you have to do is appreciate the quality of your new equipment. First step: cleaning the saddle. After each use, we recommend using glycerin soap with a moistened sponge. This will remove the dirt accumulated during your session, moisturize and protect the leather continuously.

What is a Bardette?

Grained leather at the bottom quarter and quality calfskin to ensure durability over time. 2.

What are Voltaire saddles made of?

Each Voltaire saddle is built for the horse with layered high-tech memory foam sequences which replace traditional flocking. Saddles are available in calf, buffalo, and grained leather, and feature anatomically designed panels custom for each horse.

What does 2A mean on a Voltaire saddle?

A 2A flap is a standard length of about 13″ or 13 1/4″ with only a small amount of forwardness. While she feels secure and comfortable in this saddle, she could have more room on the flap in front of her leg, and possibly a hair more room in the seat.

What does arcade Normale mean?

LIghtly used Chiberta, “Arcade Normale” which is a medium tree but fits a large variety of horses. It has a forward and short flap (1A) perfect for youth or small adult. Located in Texas.

How long is a CWD 3L flap?

Flap 3L measures 14.25″ from the top of the stirrup bar to the bottom of the flap. Flap width measures 13.5″ across at its widest point. The flap length is a bit longer than the typical flap for a 17″ seat. Tree measures 4.75″ from dot-to-dot under the pommel.

How do I identify my saddle maker?

Finding the Maker’s Mark on a Western Saddle – Western saddle makers typically place their marks on one of three places: the latigo holder, behind the cantle or on the fenders. A few makers stamp underneath the flap or on the seat itself. Sometimes you can find the maker’s mark on a metal tag placed on the saddle.

What size saddle flaps do I need?

The rotation and size of the saddle flap should complement the angle of your leg. Your knee should hit at the top point of the flap with at least two fingers to spare. Saddle seat size affects your comfort level, ability to move and your effectiveness in your riding.


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