How long does it take for DORMOSEDAN GEL to work?

For the best results, allow adequate time (a minimum of 40 minutes) between administration of DORMOSEDAN GEL and beginning the procedure. In general, horses show sedative effects lasting approximately 90-180 minutes.

How quickly does DORMOSEDAN GEL work?

The gel should not be used in addition to any other sedatives. How long will it last? The gel needs about 40 minutes to take effect and the sedation will last for about 90-180 minutes.

How long after sedation can you ride a horse?

How soon after sedation can I compete under BE/BS? The DETECTION rate for the drugs used to sedate are 72hours so the WITHDRAWL period will be longer than this. Leave at least 6 -7 days to be sure before competing.

What does Dormosedan do to humans?

Mild skin irritation. Symptoms reported after accidental human exposure have included decrease in blood pressure (hypotension), high blood pressure (hypertension), decreased heart rate (bradycardia), drowsiness, sleepiness (somnolence), dilated pupils, and vomiting.

How do you sedate a difficult horse?

There are 3 main ways in which horses can be sedated – 2 of these are via an oral syringe that the owner can administer themselves (Domosedan and Sedalin/Relaquin) and the third is through intravenous sedation administered by the vet.

Can you ride a horse on Dormosedan?

DORMOSEDAN GEL has not been evaluated for this purpose, and it is not recommended to ride a horse that has been sedated with DORMOSEDAN GEL.

Can you give a dog Dormosedan?

Dormosedan is available from MWI Veterinary Supply. Depending on the size of the dogs you treat, you can usually dose 5-6 dogs/syringe.


DORMOSEDAN GEL (detomidine hydrochloride) is a safe and effective mild standing sedative for use prior to routine horse care procedures. On occasions when your horse becomes nervous, frightened or won’t cooperate, DORMOSEDAN GEL can help restore safety for you and your horse.

Which are common side effects of Detomidine in the equine patent?

Detomidine caused a decrease in heart rate at all doses and other observed side-effects included ataxia, heavy breathing, arrhythmia, sweating and frequent urination. No adverse effects were observed.

What is Dormosedan for horses?

DORMOSEDAN is a non-narcotic sedative and analgesic that can be used in horses for a variety of minor surgical and diagnostic procedures. The greater a2 selectivity of DORMOSEDAN allows it to bind specifically to a2 adrenoceptors to produce predictable, reliable and effective sedation and analgesia.

How do you pronounce Dormosedan?

DORMOSEDAN GEL® (detomidine hydrochloride) – YouTube

How much does dorm gel cost?

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Item: 1025RXSize: 3 ml$23.99


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