How do you use a hit air vest?

Using Your Hit-Air Jacket | HorseandRider UK – YouTube

How does an air vest work?

The vests have a lanyard that attaches to the saddle. When a rider parts ways with the saddle, the lanyard triggers the activation device, which punctures an air canister, instantly inflating the vest before the rider hits the ground.

Can you wear an air jacket on its own?

You can wear the air jacket on its own and it will offer the protection it is designed to. Many people prefer the lightweight convenience of the air jacket compared with traditionally bulky foam body protectors.

Are air jackets worth it?

The research calculated the risk of severe chest injury fell from 94 percent when wearing a standard BE body protector to 81 percent when wearing an air jacket.

How do motorcycle air vests work?

Airbag vest in detail: – Sensors Three accelerometers, three gyroscopes and a GPS feed data into algorithms that detect a crash. It takes less than 60ms to detect an accident and inflate the airbag.

How do you wear an air vest?

Safety in Riding – Helite Gilet Air Vest – YouTube

What is a hit air vest?

The Hit Air Airbag Vest is a “harness type” airbag that employs the new higher speed key ball mechanism which activates the CO2 cartridge. Versatile design makes it perfect for riders of all equestrian disciplines including Eventing and Western.

How do you deflate hit air vest?

The vest is reusable. After the vest is inflated, simply deflate the vest by removing the CO2, squeezing out the excess air, and snapping back the airbags. Once the trigger mechanism has been reset and a new CO2 is installed, the vest is ready to be used again. At this time, there is not a way to reuse C02 cartridges.

How do you attach a horse pilot to a saddle?

Installing a Saddle Strap for Your Air Vest – English Saddle – YouTube

How do you change a canister on a hit air jacket?

How to replace air cartridges in Point Two air vests – YouTube


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