How do you fit an Acavallo gel pad?

How Do I Fit My Acavallo Gel Seat Saver to my Saddle – YouTube

How do I install Acavallo seat saver?

Acavallo Seat Saver at – YouTube

What does a saddle seat saver do?

Seat Saver – The unique breathable gel construction supports the rider’s upper body stabilising the seat bones and significantly reducing concussion in the lower back. The gel is covered with a breathable mesh material that offers traction and a soft feel.

Where does a gel pad go on a horse?

They go in the center of the horse’s back and can also be placed in between other pads for extra cushion. Gel saddle pads have many benefits including shock absorption, and they are best when the rider is off-balance and may unintentionally cause pain to the horse’s back.

What should I look for when fitting a saddle?

How to tell if your saddle fits | Kate Ballard, Society of Master Saddlers

What are gel half pads for?

Gel pads for horses are primarily used to compensate for a saddle that does not fit properly. Thanks to the gel filling or the complete gel structure, the pads flexibly compensate for slight imperfections in the position of the saddle.

How long do Impact Gel pads last?

Impact Gel is unaffected by extreme temperatures. Between -40⁰F and 250⁰F Impact Gel retains its energy absorbing properties. Our unique wool blend wicks moisture and is incredibly durable. Heavy duty wear leathers are made with fresh-prepared hides which can maintain their properties at least 50 years.

How do you clean Acavallo gel pad with sheepskin?

Machine-washable at 30 degrees or by simply running under water using mild soap. Do not use harsh detergents. Do not tumble dry. Do not expose to direct heat or strong sunlight, allow to dry naturally.

Are Acavallo saddles good?

The Acavallo Classic Gel has become a staple material in their assortment. That is due to it’s extremely lightweight, remarkable capacity to absorb shocks, easy to fit, and it’s extreme stickiness. This stickiness is the reason most riders love it so much, even after washing it gets sticky again.

How do you clean gel pads?

How to Clean an Impact Gel Saddle Pad – YouTube


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