How do you attach a hit air vest to a saddle?

Attaching An Air Vest Saddle Strap – YouTube

How do you fit an air vest?

Point Two Air Jackets — Fitting Instructions – Pro Air Vest 2011

How does a Point Two Air Jacket work?

How does it work? The Point Two ProAir jacket and P2-RS Hybrid attaches to the saddle via a lanyard attachment. In the event of a fall the lanyard will be released and the air canister will activate. The air canister contains pressurised CO2 and is attached to the front of the jacket.

What size air jacket do I need?

Small4’11” – 5’4″85 – 95
Medium5’4″ – 5’8″90 – 100
Large5’8″ – 6’1″95 – 105
Large W100- 110

How do you fit a point 2 air jacket?

Point Two Air Jackets – Fitting Instructions 2011 – Pro Air Vest

How does an air jacket work?

An air jacket has a main air channel which acts like a mattress, removing your body from the ground more effectively. Therefore, the air jacket creates extra stopping distance between the body and the ground, providing a more cushioned impact.


Hit-Air Inflatable Vest

Hit-Air Saddle Strap Attachment

Inflatable Protective Vest Attachment to Western Saddle with Strap

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