How do I know what size half chaps to buy?

You must measure your calf width over the type of pant you will ride in. A thicker or a thinner pant will change the way the half chap fits your calf. Try your half chaps on with the paddock boots you will ride in to ensure the chaps fit over them and are tall enough to accommodate the boots.

How do you measure for half chaps?

  1. CALF: Measure the widest part of the calf.
  2. LENGTH: Measure from top of calf to ankle bone (inside leg)
  3. ADD ON: 6cm for adults. This is the length to use in th sizing table below.

Do you have to wear half chaps with paddock boots?

English riders will usually need half chaps as well to protect their legs from getting pinched by the stirrup leathers (see some selections below). Or, for more proper wear for rated shows, English riders will often purchase tall boots, instead of half chaps and paddock boots.

What is the difference between chaps and gaiters?

Gaiters and half chaps are both alternatives to long boots. They slip over short boots and wrap around a rider’s lower leg to provide a bit of extra stick (and protection). In basic terms, chaps are your kick-around leg wraps while gaiters give a more polished appearance.

How do you know what size chaps to get?

Take your largest thigh measurement and add one to two inches and then choose your chaps based on that measurement. So for example, let’s say your thigh measures 25 inches. Adding one to two inches to that gives you 26 or 27 inches. Which size you go with will be personal preference.

Where do you measure your waist for chaps?

  • Waist measurement usually refers to the area where the top of chaps are worn.
  • Extends from crotch to floor. We need this measurement to help us insure that your out seam mea- surement is correct.
  • The most important measurement and the one most commonly mistaken.

How do you apply chaps?

602 Instructional – How to put Chaps on by Jamin’ Leather – YouTube

How do you fit yourself for chaps?

How to Fit Western Chaps – YouTube

How should leather chaps fit?

601 Instructional – How to Properly Put On Chaps By Jamin’ Leather

How do you measure your legs for chaps?

How To Measure for Half Chaps Sizing – YouTube


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