How do I find out who owns a AQHA horse?

To locate a full ownership record for yourself, contact the AQHA Member Experience Team at 806-376-4811 and select option 3 or submit an electronic form here and someone from our Member Experience Team will reach out to help.

How do you look up a registered AQHA horse?

Step 1: Go to, then scroll to the Records section. Step 2: Click a link, ex: AQHA Records. Step 3: Sign in to your AQHA account. Step 4: Type the registration number or name of the horse.

How do I find my horse’s record?

You can sign in to your USEF Account and select Horse Report on the menu. By signing in to your USEF Account, you will have the option to access competition records for horses under your ownership. In order to access these records, you can visit the “Search Horses” page under the Compete tab.

What does LTE mean for horses?

Lifetime Earnings (LTE) in National Cutting Horse Association shows are listed behind names in the pedigrees of sale horses . Produce Earners (PE) is listed after horses that have produced earners of that amount.

How do I change ownership of a quarter horse?

Answer: Submitting a transfer of ownership report is a vital step of owning an American Quarter Horse. By completing the official transfer document and submitting the form to AQHA, a new registration certificate can be generated and mailed, listing the new owner as the owner of record.

How much does it cost to transfer a horse with AQHA?

Download a transfer form. – The transfer fee is $25 per horse if you are a current member. Non-members will be charged a one-year membership for $55, in addition to the transfer fee of $25 per horse, upon the receipt of a transfer.

How do I fill out AQHA transfer papers?

How to Transfer Your AQHA Horse – YouTube

How do I transfer APHA papers?

Additional transfer forms are available by contacting APHA or online at apha. com/forms. APHA cannot knowingly skip a transfer. Additional forms are available for each change in ownership. Seller’s signature is required for transfer of ownership.

What does Veulenboek mean?

veulenboek – Foal Book for foals, or any older horse not in an adult, or Studbook, registry. ruinenboek – geldings book, Studbook for Geldings.

What is a Appendix Quarter Horse?

The Appendix Quarter Horse is a first-generation cross between a thoroughbred and an American Quarter Horse. It gained popularity as breeders recognized that the cross retained the energy and temperament of the thoroughbred and the incredible speed and agility of the American Quarter Horse.

How do I get replacement Jockey Club papers?

How do I get new/duplicate papers for my horse? You can find the requirements for duplicate papers in the online rule book. If you have questions, visit the Registry at or contact the Registry at (800) 444-8521.

How do you read a horse’s ears?

If the ears are held forward and the horse is attentive, it means the horse is listening. If the ears are tipped forward and stiff and the nostrils flare, it means the horse is scared or really interested in something.


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