How do air vests work?

The vests have a lanyard that attaches to the saddle. When a rider parts ways with the saddle, the lanyard triggers the activation device, which punctures an air canister, instantly inflating the vest before the rider hits the ground.

Should you wear a body protector when riding?

Body protectors are designed to offer protection to a rider when falling off, being kicked or trodden on by a horse. No body protector can prevent serious injury in every situation, but they can increase the chances of staying alive and reduce the severity of injuries.

Why do horseback riders wear vests?

Horse-riding vests, also known as equestrian protective riding vests or safety vests, are designed for riders seeking additional protection for the torso area. Horse-riding vests are a piece of equestrian gear that can help reduce the impact on a rider who falls, shielding the spine, ribs, and internal organs.

Do horse riding body protectors work?

While the risk of injury to the arms can possibly only be reduced by clever rolling behaviour during a fall, riding hats, body protectors and back protectors protect against serious injuries to the head and torso during riding.

How often should you replace body protector?

Replacing your body protector – Body protectors should be replaced every three to five years, as the impact absorption properties of the foam may decline over time.

How tight should body protector?

Make sure the tape is snug, but not tight, and level. This measurement is only a guideline as most body protectors can be adjusted at the waist.

Where should a body protector sit?

At the front, the body protector should reach the breastbone at the top and cover the bottom rib at mid-chest by approximately 2.5cm, but should not cover the belly button.

How do you size a body protector?

How to measure for a Racesafe body protector size – YouTube

How should a motorcycle vest fit?

In general, to fit over your motorcycle jacket you’ll need to go up 2 sizes in the vest which then may be baggy when wearing it just over a t-shirt. We recommend your vest fit you over what you’d normally wear and then you can add vest extenders to wear the vest over your jacket.


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