How are horses branded now?

Both fire and freeze branding have been used successfully on horses for many years. Freeze branding, also called cryogenic branding, uses extreme cold to alter the growth of the hair in the brand contact area. Cooling agents, such as liquid nitrogen (-300° Fahrenheit), are used to cool branding irons.

How does branding horses work?

How It Works. Hair on a horse’s hide is comprised of a shaft, a color-producing follicle, and a growth follicle. The shaft of the hair is clear, and the follicle is pigmented, which gives the horse its coat color. A branding iron is placed in liquid nitrogen and becomes extremely cold.

Does freeze branding hurt the animal?

Freeze branding is relatively stress-free for the animal, and causes little or no damage to the hide. Unlike fire brands, freeze brands result in reduced incidences of blotching. However, compared to fire branding, freeze branding takes more time, can be more costly and the brands may not be as clear on all cattle.

How many seconds does it take to freeze a horse brand?

A seven (7) second branding time is recommended for producing white hair brands on dark horses when using a copper or brass branding iron. If the branding time is increased to twelve (12) seconds, expect a “bald” or hairless brand with no subsequent hair growth.

What alcohol is used to freeze brands?

Image 1: Typical freeze branding irons. Note that the “6” also doubles as the “9”. Using a minimum of 95 percent purity denatured isopropyl, methyl or ethyl alcohol with is critical to prevent freezing and slush buildup. Ninety-nine percent pure denatured alcohol works best.

What is a freeze mark on a horse?

Freeze marking – This involves a cold branding iron being held on the skin for 7-10 seconds in dark horses to make a white mark, or 12-15 in lighter horses to destroy the hair growth follicles and make a bald mark.

How do they brand Mustangs?

The “U” always represents that the horse is federally owned. The first two numbers are the horses birth year. In the example, “16” represents 2016. The last six digits represent the state and herd management area that the mustang came from.


Freeze Branding Horses

Freeze Branding With Liquid Nitrogen


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