Do treeless saddles need a special pad?

If you ride with a treeless saddle, you will want to have a quality saddle pad to go with. The best treeless saddle pads offer cushioning, support, and a proper fit to ensure your horse will be comfortable. Ideally, they should have shock-absorbing foam, silicone, or felt inserts to improve performance.

What kind of pad do you use with a treeless saddle?

With all treeless saddles, you should use a saddle pad with shock absorbing foam or felt inserts on either side of the spine, leaving the spine channel clear.

How do you install a treeless saddle?

Mounting From Ground with Treeless Saddles – YouTube

Does a treeless saddle fit any horse?

Just because a saddle is treeless does not mean that it will fit any horse you put it on. Not all treeless saddles fit all horses (or riders), and when purchasing one, it is just as important to “try before you buy” as with a traditional Western or English saddle.

Do treeless saddles have a gullet size?

The underside of the Ansur Classic treeless saddle has no gullet. It molds around your horse’s shape, and moves with him. For the horses, it simply fits comfortably like a cushy saddle pad.

How do you measure a treeless saddle?

Unlike an English saddle where you measure from the button on the side of the pommel to the center of the cantle, or a Western saddle where you measure from the pommel straight back to the cantle, with the Sensation saddle, you need to measure the size of the base — underneath the padded seat.

Why does my saddle pad slip?

Saddle slipping can happen for several reasons. Poor saddle fit, a loose girth, a lame horse (Fun Fact: On a lame horse the saddle will slip to the side with the lameness), or even uneven irons can be the culprit.

Why does my saddle roll on my horse?

Saddles that are much too wide without proper corrective padding may slide forward and onto the withers. This happens a lot with horses and ponies that have mutton withers. Saddles that slide too far forward also run the risk of blocking the shoulder blade from having complete rotational movement.


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