Do they still make Simco saddles?

Today – Greenville, TX is still Billy Cook Saddlery’s and Simco/Longhorn’s production location. Since 1919, Tex Tan remains in Yoakum, TX. Abetta saddles and specific leather and synthetic strap goods are manufactured at Action West in McKinney.

Who made Simco saddles?

The Crates name in the western saddlery industry dates back over 75 years to the 1940s, when Robert H. Crates joined T. Fletcher Sims in building Sims Collar & Leather Company in Chattanooga, Tennessee, established in 1932, into world-wide distributor and industry leader, Simco Leather Company.

Where are bona Allen saddles made?

HeadquartersBuford, Georgia, USA
Productshorse saddles, bridles, horse collars, postal bags, cowboy boots, shoes, baseballs, baseball gloves

How do you age a saddle?

Look for the manufacturer’s name and logo to be stamped in plain sight on the saddle. Check on the back, the skirts or on a plate underneath the jockey. Contact the saddle’s manufacturer for information about the saddle’s age. Most manufacturers will be able to tell you the age of the saddle using the serial number.

What do the numbers on a Circle Y saddle mean?

Decode your 2006 or newer model number as follows: the first four digits are the style number, the fifth digit represents the seat material and color, the sixth and seventh digits represent the size, the eighth digit represents the saddle color and the last two digits determine what size tree the saddle has.

What does full quarter horse bars mean?

Full quarter horse bars are 6 1/4 to 6 1/2 inches apart. This size fits horses who are wider in the front shoulders than a semi-quarter horse bar size with extra muscle or fat. As horses age, they may gain weight and need a larger bar saddle or they may become leaner, lose weight and require a smaller bar saddle.

How do I know if my saddle is a Billy Cook?

Examine your saddle for the Billy Cook trademark. The trademark contains the words, “Billy Cook, Maker,” and “Sulphur, OK.” Examine your saddle’s fenders, latigo and cinch carrier for the Billy Cook trademark. The trademark will be marked on the seat by a metal medallion or stamped into the seat’s leather.

Where are Buffalo saddles made?

The saddles are made of American leather tanned in Mexico; the sheepskin comes from Montana Leather in Billings, Montana. And after the saddle is complete, Smith is happy to clean and service his customers’ saddles annually.

Where are Circle J saddles made?

Since then, we’ve carried on with traditions of excellence, always striving to make the best saddles possible. Circle Y saddles are all still made in Yoakum, TX, by a team of expert craftsmen who combine decades of knowledge and new technology to meet the needs of riders.

Are Dakota barrel saddles good quality?

The saddle is good-looking, too, with rawhide braided horn, cantle, and performance stirrups. The beauty comes from the border basket tooling design combined with rawhide braided horn, cantle, and stirrups. Best of all, it comes with a ten-year tree warranty from Dakota so that you can buy with confidence.

Are Acerugs saddles good?

This is a great saddle, especially for the price. It is well made, the latigo leathers are backed with webbing, the leather is excellent quality, the stitching is nice, and it is very comfortable. I have been using it as my trail saddle and have purchased a second saddle.

What are Circle Y saddle trees made of?

Precision Saddle Tree video – Circle Y Saddles, Tucker Trail … – YouTube

What is a good price for a used saddle?

The most popular price on used saddles is $500-$600 but this more often than not isn’t an accurate market value. Especially when it comes to the import saddles which can have a new retail price of $450… be sure you are not over paying for a low quality import saddle.


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