Do Butet saddles run small?

Generally true to size in the seat. Butets tend to be narrower through the twist that other saddles and offer a very close feel, however, because they run slightly narrower they tend not to fit very large shouldered flat backed warmbloods as well as other makes.

What are Butet saddles flocked with?

This saddle also features a wide tree with hard to find wool flocked panels. It has been very gently used and is in excellent condition.

How do I know if my saddle needs to be Reflocked?

  1. Panels feel hard or lumpy.
  2. Panels are asymmetrical meaning each panel is a different shape.
  3. “Holes” in the flocking can be felt when running your hands down the panel.
  4. The flocking has “thinned out” or flattened out.

Are HDR saddles wool flocked?

HDR Buffalo Dressage Saddle (Flocked) – Being classically designed this saddle offers the rider both depth and balance. Featuring wool flocked panels and long billets for close contact. With the deep seat, it’s a comfortable saddle for dressage and even for hitting the trails!

Can you flock a western saddle?

DC Saddle Flocking.m4v – YouTube

What is saddle tree?

The tree of a saddle is the firm, inner part that gives the saddle its stability and main shape. This frame is usually made of plastic or wood and comes in different sizes to accommodate the differing shapes of horses’ backs. English saddles have varying tree widths, so what fits one horse might not fit another.

What is a practice saddle?

The Practice saddle is a great tool for teaching riders of every level how to hold the correct position, the correct balance and will help build the strength they need to maintain it.


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