Do Albion saddles run wide?

The Albions tend to run on the generous side when it comes to tree width,” I said. “He’d likely need a wide tree in some saddles.”

Are Albion good saddles?

Albion Saddles are good quality leather saddles with wool flocking and are available with the adjusta tree so that they can be altered to fit the horses changing shape. David Dyer Saddles is happy to recommend these saddles for a wide variety of horses and riders.

Are Albion K2 saddles adjustable?

Now featuring an adjustable tree the Albion K2 GP saddle is a true all purpose saddle, fitting a wide range of horses with classic styling. Chosen over many years by riders in all disciplines because of its comfort and fit for both horse and rider.

What size is a wide fit saddle?

Any gullet that measures larger than 7 inches is considered to be wide. An extra-wide gullet is going to measure 8 inches or more and is commonly found only in saddles designed to fit draft horses or draft horse crosses.

How do I know how wide my saddle is?

There are many ways to measure a saddle including the exact width between the saddle points, between the panel etc. However, a very quick gauge of the width is with your fists at the front of the saddle between the panel. These are the most common sizes seen on new saddles and used saddles.

Can a saddle be too wide for a horse?

When a saddle is too wide in the front, it can sink down over the withers. This takes the saddle out of balance by making the pommel lower than the cantle, which in turn carries more pressure over the front of the tree (at the withers/shoulders) than a saddle with a properly sized tree.

When a saddle is too wide?

The saddle that is too wide is not such a common occurrence but nevertheless is to be avoided. If the pommel sits down lower than two fingers height from the withers, the saddle will more than likely be tipped forward out of balance.

Is the Albion SLK adjustable?

The Albion SLK Ultima Dressage saddle is a deep seated dressage saddle. It is constructed on the Adjusta Tree that has been exclusively engineered for a totally adjustable tree.


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