Can I wear yoga pants to ride a horse?

No Cutouts: Many yoga pants have fabric cutouts or other design accents that look great on the mat but fall short for riding. In the saddle, you don’t want anything that can accidentally get caught on your tack. You also don’t want to rub your legs raw because your skin shows through part of your yoga pant leg.

Can you wear yoga pants to horse riding?

Riding horses puts special demands on clothing, and comfortable, lightweight, fashionable pants are must-haves. But leggings don’t offer the additional features that riding tights and breeches (or even jeans) do once you swing into the saddle. Can you ride in leggings? Yes.

What is the difference between jodhpurs and riding tights?

They tend to be thinner than jodhpurs and breeches meaning you get much closer contact with the horse. Riding tights are also ‘pull-on’ in style and made from technical fabrics, so they are generally breathable, comfortable and offer good grip. Browse our range of riding tights.

What do you wear to a horse in the summer?

Wear proper riding boots to keep yourself safe, long pants to avoid saddle sores, and a lightweight shirt. Wear sunscreen on exposed skin, and don’t forget a helmet! Wearing riding gloves is a good idea too, just in case your reins get slippery from sweat or sea spray.

What kind of pants should I wear for horse riding?

What type of pants should you wear horseback riding? You should wear breeches, jodhpurs, tight-fitting jeans, or yoga pants/leggings. Any of these options will work well for most riding situations. Of these riding pants, some are certainly better than others, but each of these options could do the trick in a pinch.

Should you wear pants when riding a horse?

Well, that’s honestly pretty simple: the best horseback riding clothes are closed-toe shoes without a heel (or with a heel less than 1″), some comfortable pants, and a shirt that does not overly restrict movement. That’s about it! Of course, winter wear would include gloves and a jacket but the same rules still apply.

Can you wear sweatpants to ride a horse?

Many people ride in jeans or sweat pants. What you will want to avoid in any case is pants that twist, wrinkle or bunch along the inside of your legs and especially knees. Again, your pants should not be too large as they may catch on something, leading to injury to yourself or your horse.


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