Can Equioxx be given long term?

Another good NSAID that is labeled for use in horses and is safe for long term use is Equioxx. Equioxx is a product that is used in clinics as an intravenous medication, but can be sent home with clients as a paste resembling a deworming tube.

How long can horses be on Previcox?

Previcox oral paste administered once daily for 14 days at a dose of 0.1 mg/kg improved clinical scores for lameness and soft tissue injuries in horses and also helped alleviate pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis in horses.

Does Equioxx cause ulcers in horses?

The most common side effects with Equioxx (which may affect more than 1 in 10 horses) are ulcers or sores of the lining of the mouth or the skin around the mouth. These are typically mild and resolve without treatment.

How long does Equioxx stay in a horse’s system?

The mean terminal elimination half-life of EQUIOXX Oral Paste (45.45 hours) was similar to that of EQUIOXX Tablet (44.49 hours). The major metabolism mechanism of firocoxib in the horse is decyclopropylmethylation followed by glucuronidation of that metabolite.

Can a horse live on Previcox?

Veterinarians have found that Previcox was effective in horses and allowed clients an easy form to administer to horses while also being less expensive compared to its sister drug Equioxx.

How long can my horse stay on Bute?

After a discussion with your vet, your horse may be put on a trial period of ‘bute’ for two or three weeks and, if you find that your horse has a spring in his step that you haven’t seen for a while, regular ‘bute’ may well be the way forward for you.

Does Equioxx help arthritis?

EQUIOXX for horses controls pain and inflammation associated with osteoarthritis for up to 24 hours with each dose. A horse’s joints often need medical support in order to relieve the pain and inflammation associated with equine osteoarthritis.

Can Bute and Equioxx be given together?

As previously stated, other drugs commonly used in horses that are also classified as NSAIDs include phenylbutazone (Bute) and firocoxib (Equioxx and Previcoxx). It is important to note that giving either of these medications together or in combination with flunixin can cause the same adverse effects as overdosing.



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