Are Tucker saddles good for gaited horses?

For 30 years, Tucker Trail Saddles has been dedicated to creating saddles that provide you maximum comfort. Tucker is ahead of other companies in the way they thoroughly research saddle fit. Best of all, they have made sure that their technology is suited to gaited horses from the beginning.

What is the difference in a gaited saddle?

Because of their unique movements, gaited horses require saddles with trees that are shaped differently than saddles for normal horses. The tree of a gaited horse saddle has been specially designed to allow for the gaited horse’s unique movements, freeing the shoulders and back to move freely in his specialized gaits.

What do Tennessee walking horses eat?

Your Tennessee Walking horse primarily eats hay and grass. If you live in the southern states and have large amounts of land, you may not need to supply your horse with much food at all.

Which saddle is most comfortable for the horse?

  • Acerugs All-Natural Cowhide Saddle.
  • EquiRoyal Comfort Trail Saddle.
  • King Series Classic Distance Rider.
  • Hilason Flextree Trail Saddle.
  • Acerugs Cordura Synthetic Saddle.
  • Royal King Roughout Training Saddle.
  • Wintec Pro HART Endurance Saddle.

What saddle is best for a horses back?

Western saddles are bigger and heavier, spreading your weight out over a larger area across the back of your horse. This allows both you and the horse to be more comfortable when you’re spending long hours in the saddle.

What does a flex tree saddle look like?

Talks About Flex Trees and Wood Trees with Darrell Nephew of Circle …

What are flex trees made of?

LEATHER-FLEX TREE – Our Leather Trees are real trees made from several layers of high-quality vegetable-tanned leather and high-density foams sewn together to shape the form of a saddle tree and a metalhead plate assembled.


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