Are Thorowgood saddles comfortable?

Thorowgood dressage saddles feature the changeable gullet system along with changeable girth straps, helping to achieve the best fit possible. Thorowgood T4’s feature a suede effect seat covering, and knee-pads, which is both non-slip and comfortable for the rider.

Is Thorowgood a good saddle?

The T8 is a great saddle for those who want a leather saddle on a synthetic saddle budget. One thing to note, is that Thorowgood and Kent and Masters are the same manufacturer.

What is a T4 saddle?

T4 Compact GP – This saddle is built on a slightly flatter tree, with compact, slimline panels that allow the rider to feel closer to the horse. A true to size seat, which does feel different to the Original GP, suiting petite riders or those with narrower hips.

What is the difference between T4 and T8 Thorowgood saddle?

What are the main differences? Thorowgood T4 Saddles are synthetic, with a suede effect seat. Thorowgood T8 Saddles are part synthetic and part leather for a more luxurious feel (leather seat and knee rolls).

What is the Thorowgood fish system?

The Fish system enables riders to customise the width of their saddle within seconds to ensure the ultimate fit, all year round. No tools are needed and the shape of the tree remains the same to follow the contours of your horse’ back, with the width adjusted to accommodate slight weight fluctuations.

How do you identify a Thorowgood saddle?

  1. T4 Saddles have suede-effect seat and knee rolls.
  2. T8 saddles have real leather seat and knee roll, giving the impression of a leather saddle.
  3. L6 saddles have been discontinued for some time – they were all leather.

How is Thorowgood gullet measured?

How to Measure Your Horse for a Changeable Gullet Saddle with GFS

Are Kent and Masters saddles leather?

Kent and Masters saddles are quality leather saddles, handmade in England by qualified Master Saddlers. They are adjustable saddles, with changeable gullet bars. The panels are flocked with 100% British wool flocking and are super soft and comfortable for your horse’s back. Our Saddle fitters love them!

Are Thorowgood saddles adjustable?

These saddles are lightweight and are easily adjustable with the changeable gullet bar system and wool flocking.

Are Thorowgood saddles leather?

Thorowgood T8 Dressage Surface Block – The dressage specific tree is designed to help you perfect your dressage seat, making schooling and competing more satisfying. The quality leather seat and knee pads give the feel of riding on an all leather saddle without the expense.

Are all Wintec saddles synthetic?

Wintec are one of the leading brands of synthetic saddles in the UK and worldwide. Wintec saddles are crafted to the same high standards as a traditional English leather saddle, but with several advantages.


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