Are Samshield helmets safe?

Samshield is the first riding headwear ever to use motorcycle helmet technology. They’re ASTM/SEI certified and meet strict safety standards.

How long does a Samshield helmet last?

This package includes time spent, spare parts and freight charge. **Due to evolving helmet standards, technologies and the potential for unseen material deterioration, it’s recommended that you replace your helmet every five years.

How do you measure a horse for a helmet?

Riding Helmet Sizing & Fit Guide for Equestrians – YouTube

Does Samshield have MIPS?

*One K has several MIPS options while Samshield does not. Also higher safety reports.

Are MIPS helmets worth it?

The results of the study showed that the MIPS and SPIN helmets were more successful in reducing the risk of brain trauma and injuries by 42% and 54% respectively. Another study was published in May 2021 to determine the effectiveness of new bike helmet technologies in mitigating brain injuries caused by oblique forces.

Does Shoei use MIPS?

In fact, leading brands such as AGV, Arai, HJC, Schuberth, Shark, and Shoei do not use MIPS in any of their products.

How do I check my MIPS helmet?

A MIPS-equipped helmet looks almost identical to a non-MIPS-equipped helmet except for when you look inside, you will see a thin yellow liner beneath the pads. From the outside, the only indicator that the helmet is any different to one without MIPS is that some brands have a small yellow MIPS logo on there.

Do Abus helmets have MIPS?

Youn-I MIPS velvet black S – The Youn-I MIPS from ABUS is a modern and comfortable bike helmet for children – equipped with the advanced MIPS protection system.

Where are Samshield helmets made?

It is at Samshield workshop which is located in France that helmets are meticulously assembled, tested, refined and sometimes customized before being shipped to their rider.

How should a Samshield helmet fit?

How to Fit a Samshield Helmet – YouTube

What are Samshield helmets made of?

S t e v e G u e r d a t Materials for optimum safety The outer shell of the Samshield helmet is made of high quality polycarbonate. The inner shell is made of polystyrene with variable density providing a better dissipation of the energy produced upon impact.

How do I clean my Samshield helmet?

wash with soap because it doesn’t need a 30’/1h washing program! than +50°C. Any contact with corrosive or aggressive substances should be avoided. Use solvents can alter the characteristics of the helmet and compromise its quality.

Are ski helmets safe for horseback riding?

Horseback riding carries a higher injury rate per hour of exposure than downhill ski racing, football, hang-gliding and motorcycle racing. Medical Examiner reports show that 60% or more of horse-related deaths are caused by head injuries. Helmets can reduce this possibility by 70-80%.


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