Are old saddles worth money?

An older quality saddle may still hold some value, but a newer model is likely to fetch a higher price. When assessing a saddle’s value, always look for the main features of a saddle. A saddle which is made of top-quality leather will have a greater value than a saddle made from lower quality leather.

What do you do with old saddles?

  1. DIY Vintage Equestrian Feed Sack. Equestrian Bedroom.
  2. Pinteresting Finds #7: Upcycled Equestrian Decor! – See Horse Design.
  3. Western Bathroom Decor. Rustic Western Decor.
  4. Blogger.
  5. A Cozy, Chic 400-Square-Foot California Studio.
  6. Dream Catchers.
  7. Door Chimes – The Lake Life.
  8. Using horseshoes as handles.

How do you rejuvenate an old saddle?

Combine 1 part of white vinegar into a container with 2 parts water. Dip a clean rag and toothbrush into the mixture and clean the saddle. Let your saddle air-dry, and then wash it with non-glycerine saddle soap. Then, treat your saddle with balsam or dressing to make it supple.

How do you get mold off of a saddle?

Removing the Mold – Use a clean rag or sponge to clean the leather using the pH-balanced soap. Then, wipe away any lather with another clean sponge. Once the equipment is cleaned, dry it in the sun to allow the water to evaporate. The UV rays in sunlight will also help kill and disinfect any remaining mold spores.

What is the best way to clean a leather saddle?

  1. Using saddle soap, water and nylon brush, clean the saddle with just enough pressure to work up a lather on the leather.
  2. With the sponge and water, flush clean the areas you’ve lathered.
  3. Allow the leather to dry completely.
  4. Apply leather conditioner.

What do you clean saddles with?

Clean the Saddle – Using a damp sponge, apply a thin layer of saddle soap, glycerin soap, or leather cleaner to your saddle using a small, circular motion. Make sure you cover the entire leather area of your saddle while avoiding any suede areas. Include the undersides of the leather and between the flaps.

How do you fix a cracked leather saddle?

  1. Step 1: Clean. Using soap or leather cleaner, wash off any dirt with cloth or sponge.
  2. Step 2: Wait overnight for the leather to dry completely.
  3. Step 3: Smooth.
  4. Step 4: Apply leather filler.
  5. Step 5: Remove excess paste with the knife.
  6. Step 6: Let the leather dry for six hours.

How do you clean an old horse tack?

The best way to deep clean horse tack is to soak it in warm water and a bit of soap. You get special saddle soap to clean leather tack. Alternatively, use a mild dishwashing detergent like Dawn. For leather tack, soak a rag in a soapy solution and wipe the tack in sections.

How do I sell my saddle?

  1. Facebook groups.
  2. Sporthorse Nation.
  4. Ebay.

How much do horse saddles sell for?

On average, a horse saddle will cost around $500. But as we just stated, the price of horse saddles is influenced by many factors, thus it can vary greatly from one saddle to another. While some saddles will cost as low as $100, others can go up to $ 8, 000 or more.

What is a Western saddle worth?

New saddles can be found for less than $500, but they are often poor quality, especially the leather and fittings. Custom-made saddles are more expensive and can sell for thousands of dollars, depending on the design and details of the saddle. Used saddles are an affordable option with a wide variety of price points.

How do I know what Western saddle I have?

Look under the flap for the name, country of origin, and any identifying serial number. These often are stamped on the sweat panel or under the leg flap near the girth straps. Common saddle brands are Crosby, Kieffer, and Steuben, but there are many others.


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