Are gel half pads good for horses?

Gel saddle pads make for the perfect solution all round. They are useful if your horse has an existing injury that makes their back tender. Or if you need extra support yourself as the rider.

Are gel saddle pads good for horses?

Gel saddle pads are designed to absorb the impact of riding activity whilst helping to efficiently distribute the rider’s weight more evenly across your horse’s back. Gel saddle pads are ideal if you are looking for a truly resilient pad that you can rely on time and time again.

Should you use a half pad?

Using a half pad can help to make the saddle fit your horse better as he grows and gets into shape. This can save you from having to buy new saddles frequently as he grows out of his old ones. Once your horse stops growing or gets back into shape, you may be able to ride him without the saddle pad.

Does my horse need a saddle pad?

A saddle pad protects your horse’s back from friction that could be caused by a saddle rubbing directly on your horse’s hair and skin. It also helps to protect the saddle by absorbing some of your horse’s sweat. If your saddle fits well, you’ll require only a simple saddle pad.

Do you need a half pad for jumping?

Half Pad Purpose – Horses that need more cushioning or support than a regular pad provides will benefit from a half-pad. It is preferable to adding another full-size pad because it doesn’t add additional bulk throughout the saddle; this is particularly important for close-contact disciplines, like jumping.

How do you shim a dressage saddle?

How to shim your English Saddle – YouTube

Are memory foam pads good for horses?

According to Jochen: ‘Memory foam pads increase pressure massively over the horse’s spine and nerve roots if there is not a minimum 4-inch gullet space for the spine along the length of the pad (preferably 6-8 inches in the front and 3-4 inches in the back to accommodate the spine and wither cap).

Can you use an all purpose saddle pad with a dressage saddle?

When you’re shopping for a pad, you’ll need to keep the type of saddle you have in mind. For example, a shaped pad made for an all-purpose saddle will not fit well under a dressage saddle. In just about every English riding discipline, except dressage, it is acceptable to use a shaped pad.



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