Are Equipe saddles adjustable?

Are Equipe an ‘adjustable saddle’? Equipe saddles are unfortunately unable to be altered in the way one may think of a typical adjustable saddle. The foam panels mean that a saddle fitter would not be able to make a great amount of adjustments to your saddle on-site with you and the horse.

Are Equipe saddles any good?

Equipe Saddles, or Selleria Equipe is an Italian brand representing quality and craftmanship. Italians are renowned for quality and luxury when it comes to design. Equipe offer a range of saddles from show jumping, cross country, dressage, even endurance. They offer a variety of different models, and lines.

What saddles are adjustable?

One of the most popular adjustable saddles on the market today are those with adjustable gullets such as Kent and Masters, Fairfax, Thorowgood, Wintec, Bates, John Whitaker and Pessoa.

Are saddle Company saddles adjustable?

All of our saddles are adjustable using The Saddle Company Templating Machine. All saddles are made to a template for each individual horse to ensure a precise fit.

Are all Wintec saddles adjustable?

All Wintec saddles are adjustable and take the Wintec Gullet Bars which are really easy to alter yourself.

Can you adjust a spring tree saddle?

The fit of the saddle can’t be “customized” the way wool can – with foam, the only way to adjust the fit is through the use of shims and corrective pads. If your horse’s back changes radically, it’s realistic to say that a saddle with foam panels may wind up not fitting properly.

Is a gullet the same as a tree?

The tree is the underlying framework of the saddle. The gullet is the channel that runs from the pommel to the cantle on the underside of the saddle. Although the size of the tree influences the front of the gullet, the tree size and the gullet size are not the same.

Can ah saddles be adjusted?

It is your responsibility to arrange and monitor the fit and balance of your saddle and to contact us when a saddle needs adjusting. We recommend you use an AH specialist saddle fitter for adjustment and/or re-flocking of your saddle as unauthorised adjustments will void your warranty.

What is a gullet plate on a saddle?

Specifically, gullet plates are boomerang-shaped metal bars that are attached to the underside of the pommel arch of the tree. These metal arches are set at different widths to accommodate the different widths of a horse’s wither.

Can saddle trees be adjusted?

How much can a saddle tree really be adjusted? – YouTube

What is an interchangeable gullet?

Interchangeable gullet, only adaptable for the dressage saddle Elite with interchangeable knee stops 1609. This system allows you to easily adapt the opening of the saddle arch to obtain an optimum fit to the horse. Available in 5 sizes from narrow to extra wide.

Are Prestige saddles adjustable?

Yes, they are, and we can adjust them in the workshop at David Dyer Saddles. The Prestige tree instead of being made from wood, are made from an innovative mix of synthetic fibres.

Can ideal saddles be adjusted?

This new range, Technical & Traditional (T & T), comprises a dressage saddle, a mono flap XC/Jump, a twin flap jump and a GP. Ideal bring their quality and technical/engineering expertise to adjustable saddle design. It’s all in the name!

What is a VSD saddle?

VSD stands for very slightly dressage, which originates from Germany, meaning “versatility saddle (dressage). As a versatile saddle, they sit between a GP and dressage saddle. Our wide range of GP and VSD saddles are available for fitting across Cheshire, Shropshire and Staffordshire.

Are Amerigo Saddles adjustable?

If your horse changes shape, Amerigo saddles can be adjusted at the head iron to be made wider or narrower as required, up to a maximum of 1.5cm, and a new horse may not automatically mean a new saddle too.

What make is my saddle?

Look for the manufacturer’s name and logo to be stamped in plain sight on the saddle. Check on the back, the skirts or on a plate underneath the jockey. Contact the saddle’s manufacturer for information about the saddle’s age. Most manufacturers will be able to tell you the age of the saddle using the serial number.


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