Are Equiline breeches worth it?

Equiline Boston Breech – $318 – Microfiber knee-patch, very subtle, no grip. Pros: I like these because they’re not too thick, not too thin, and they don’t pill or stretch out after what have been hundreds of rides and washes. Worth the price tag for a classic looking breech that does it’s job well and lasts forever.

Do Equiline breeches run small?

They definitely run SMALL as is normal for Equiline, these are an I-42 and are definitely snug. The little styling details are cute, with the pocket flaps on the back and signature Equiline pocket square and leg triangle thingy, but what kills me with these is the rise.

How do Samshield breeches fit?

Samshield. The Samshield breeches are a nice, lightweight fabric that have a legging-like feel. The Clotilde ($375) and Adele ($399) styles have a ruched back that’s very flattering on the booty. The fit is mid rise, fitting higher than Equiline breeches, and just lower than the Tailored Sportsman mid rise.

Do Equiline breeches fit true to size?

Equiline Boston Breech – $318 – Almost the same fit as the Ash but runs true to size and the regular leg length fits as it should.

Where are Equiline breeches made?

Equiline Italia women’s equestrian breeches are made in Italy with premium Schoeller fabric. The stretchy fabric retains its shape and repels stains, dust, and water while remaining breathable and moisture wicking.

Is Equiline a good brand?

Equiline products are characterised with their elegance and high quality. It is visible that those are their strongest assets. The brand combines masterly precision of making with application of the most innovative materials in order to create innovative equestrian equipment.

How do you remove saddle stains from breeches?

  1. Set your washing machine to a delicate, cold wash cycle.
  2. Add the correct amount of Leather Laundry Solution according to label instructions.
  3. Wash as directed.
  4. Before drying, check to ensure the stain is gone. If not, repeat with a second wash.
  5. Dry according to garment label directions.

How do you wash horseback riding pants?

  1. Coldwater washes only.
  2. Be careful with Bleach.
  3. Turn garments Inside out before washing.
  4. Wash light colours separately.
  5. Do not tumble dry and dry inside-out, out of direct sunlight to reduce fading.
  6. Front end loaders are much kinder to clothing.

How do you clean a horse show jacket?

Haist said that most coats can be swished in a bathtub, rolled in a towel and hung to dry, so they’re fresh for the next day. Follow the instructions on the coat label, of course, but you likely can use a washing machine on gentle cycle and hang to dry.

How do you wash Kerrit breeches?

Always hand wash or use gentle cycle and cold water unless your care tag tells you differently. Do not dry clean. Turn breeches right side out and immediately hang to dry to reduce bleeding of any dark leather into the fabric.

How do I wash my horse show jacket?

  1. Turn coat inside out.
  2. Place in a lingerie (mesh) bag.
  3. Wash on gentle, low suds, on cold — try using Micro Wash from Hey — preferably in a front-loading washer (top loaders have the center agitator which increases the risk of having the coat caught and possibly damaged — so be vigilant if using)

How do I wash my RJ Classics show coat?


How do you wash a Cavalleria Toscana jacket?

  1. 3-button placket.
  2. 72.5% Polyamide/27.5% Elastane.
  3. Knit Mesh: 100% Polyamide.
  4. Machine wash cold, hang to dry.


Breeches Breakdown – Equiline Test Ride!


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