Are CSI saddle pads good?

Those who use CSI Saddle Pads say they are the best saddle pads they’ve ever ridden with! For them and their horse! “I have been in the equine industry my entire life. I began training horses for the public when I was 12 years old.

How long do CSI saddle pads last?

The CSI Flex-Plate and workmanship are guaranteed for three years. During this time, we will repair or replace your saddle pad for free if you either break the CSI Flex-Plate (during equine use!) or if the saddle pad comes unstitched due to manufacturer defect.

How do you wash a CSI pad?

The Outer Shell Of Your CSI Saddle Pad – Simply brush it off with a rubber fingered brush — or use a lint brush or vacuum to remove loose dirt and debris. Be sure to clean your rubber brush in between saddle pad cleanings – we find Dawn dish soap or rubbing alcohol to bring life back into the fingers.

How do you wash a saddle pad in CSI?

How To Clean Your CSI Saddlepad – YouTube

What does CSI saddle pads stand for?

The CSI Flex-Plate Standard Western Saddle Pad or Square cut saddle pad is the go-to saddle pad for most riders. It is the most versatile saddle pad in our line-up and it will work with almost any saddle.

How much does a CSI saddle pad weigh?

The Wear leathers is available in black, brown, rough brown, rough black and Hermann Oak Leather. The leather weight is 6 ounce.

What are saddle right pads made of?

Our English pads are made of high quality glove leather. We offer black or brown in glove leather, 20 suede colors, and 5 wear leather colors. We also make racing and exercise pads! One of our most frequently asked questions is, “How long will that pad last me?” The answer is a lifetime!


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