Are Bona Allen saddles good?

Does Bona Allen still make saddles?

HeadquartersBuford, Georgia, USA
Productshorse saddles, bridles, horse collars, postal bags, cowboy boots, shoes, baseballs, baseball gloves
Number of employees2,200

When did Bona Allen stop making saddles?

It operated until 1981 when it left leather-making and dived into electronics with Radio Shack and other such businesses. Former employees under Bona Allen recall long hours and hard work, especially in the tannery, where they had to lift heavy hides that had been soaking in vats.

What is Buford GA known for?

In the late 1800s and early 1900s Buford became widely known for its leather production, becoming prominently associated with the leather industry and earning the nickname “The Leather City”. Buford became a large producer of leather products, including saddles, horse collars, bridles, and shoes.

How comfortable are Brooks saddles?

Is it comfortable? Surprisingly, it is comfortable because it is so hard. Instead of filling all your crevices with gel pads, which effectively give many more points of friction and cause saddle sores, the Brooks saddles are effectively a very stiff hammock hung from each end.


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