Are arena saddles made by Bates?

Arena saddles are part of the Saddlery Brands International family. This is the same company that owns Bates and Wintec, which are extremely popular brands of saddle all over the world.

Are arena saddles any good?

Overall, I was very impressed with the Arena Jump Saddle. It is comfortable for me, my horse, and the others that I am lucky enough to ride. I felt the quality of the saddle matched the price point, and would highly recommend the saddle to anyone on a budget or someone who leases and needs flexibility of fit.

Are arena saddles wool flocked?

Bates, Wintec, and Arena saddles have replaced wool flocking with the innovative air panel. The air panels create a fluid cushioning to hug your horse’s individual conformation and allow even weight distribution over the length of the panel.

Is Wintec made by Bates?

Bates Australia is the parent company to Bates Saddles and Wintec. The family-owned business, located in Perth, Western Australia, has expanded into many international markets and can now be found in 36 countries around the world.

Are arena saddles leather?

Classically crafted from European leather, you will appreciate the elegance and quality of your new Arena saddle and the beauty of its natural leather*. Any visible markings in the leather are completely normal and are a natural characteristic of the hides.

What does CAIR mean in a saddle?

The revolutionary CAIR Cushion System replaces the traditional fillings in your saddle panel with air. There are two independently sealed Air Cushions within each Saddle Panel. The concept of air, as the ultimate in cushioning for the horse is simple.

What is a CAIR panel?

CAIR panels use air cushion technology to distribute the rider’s weight comfortably and cushion the horse’s back. Air offers shock absorption and works with the horse’s muscles to ensure a close, even contact over a large weight-bearing area while reducing pressure points.

What size is a red gullet?

If your gullet has been changed after purchase the colours are sized as follows: Yellow – Narrow, Green – Medium Narrow, Black – Medium, Blue – Medium wide, Red – Wide, and White is Extra wide.

How does the Wintec Cair work?

Once the rider’s weight is in the saddle, the air cushions are effectively sandwiched between the tree, and the horse’s back. Under the rider’s weight the air becomes dynamic, continually moulding to mirror the horse’s moving muscles.

Do all Wintec saddles have changeable gullets?

All Wintec saddles are designed with an adjustable gullet system. This provides a quick and easy way of adjusting the width of the saddle to fit correctly over the horses withers.

How much does a Wintec saddle weigh?

This hard-wearing, easy-care, all-purpose saddle features an open seat for freedom of movement and the EASY-CHANGE Fit Solution, exclusive to Bates and Wintec. Saddles arrive with a Medium gullet installed. Saddle Weight: 11.5 lb.

How do you change Wintec gullets?

How To Change A Gullet & Add Risers To A Bates/Wintec Saddle – YouTube

Are arena saddles synthetic?

Classically crafted from European leather, the discerning rider will appreciate the elegance and quality of Arena Saddles.


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