Are all purpose saddles good?

On one hand, an AP saddle is perfect for people exploring different disciplines. On the other hand, it may not be completely ideal for a specific discipline. The AP Saddle is a “jack of all trades and a master at none.” That said, the rest of that phrase goes “but oftentimes better than a master of one.”

Can I jump in an all purpose saddle?

It usually offers a deeper seat than a jump saddle, while retaining the ability to shorten the stirrups. An all-purpose saddle does not take the place of a jump or dressage saddle for a rider who wishes to be proficient beyond a basic level of dressage or jumping.

Is it okay to jump in a dressage saddle?

You simply will not have the necessary support in a dressage saddle to work with the horse over a jump; you simply will not be able to do proper dressage in a close contact jumping saddle which does not allow the rider to sit properly balanced with a shoulder-hip-heel straight line.

What is the difference between a all purpose saddle and a jumping saddle?

All-purpose saddles are ideal for pleasure riding, schooling, and beginner competitions. Jumping saddles are built for mobility and have a shallow seat. An all-purpose saddle can only take the place of a jumping saddle up to a certain proficiency level beyond which the rider should switch to a jumping saddle.

Can you use a cross country saddle for show jumping?

For both show jumping and lower-level cross-country jumping, you should adjust your stirrup leathers so that you have a 90-degree angle behind your knee when seated. Initially you should be able to use the same saddle for both jumping disciplines.

Can you use an English saddle for trail riding?

English trail saddles are saddles specifically designed for riding out of the ring and out on the trail. More comfortable, wider seats, longer flaps, plenty of rings and D-rings for bags, canteens, and external thigh blocks, are just some of the features that make an English trail saddle special.

What is the difference between Western saddles?

They also have a tall horn for a good grip and a taller pommel to secure the rider. A barrel saddle also has a higher cantle to allow more security while going around a turn. Barrel saddles are made to be lighter and more compact so that it doesn’t add a whole bunch of weight onto the horse.


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