Are Albion dressage saddles good?

Albion Saddles are good quality leather saddles with wool flocking and are available with the adjusta tree so that they can be altered to fit the horses changing shape. David Dyer Saddles is happy to recommend these saddles for a wide variety of horses and riders.

Is Albion a good dressage saddle?

Here is a selection of some of the best dressage saddles on the market for you to feast your eyes on… This monoflap saddle from Albion is described as combining ultimate comfort and balance with outstanding technical capabilities, all delivered with a sleek style and premium quality.

What is the lightest dressage saddle?

The Rook‘ Weighs in at just 5.8KG [12.8lbs], making it one of the lightest dressage saddles on the market.

What is a Monoflap dressage saddle?

A monoflap saddle (Fig 1) has a single flap with the girth straps emerging on its underside and the stirrup leathers lying on the outside. Advantages that have been ascribed to the monoflap saddle include a reduction in saddle weight and closer contact between the rider’s leg and the horse’s ribcage.

Are Erreplus saddles good?

“Erreplus saddles give my horses the freedom of movement and the suppleness of the back they need to perform at the highest level.” “From this saddle I got maximum contact during the jump and great comfort for both me and the horse.” “With my Erreplus saddle I feel one with my horse when I ride him.”

Where are aviar saddles made?

All of our saddles are made in the UK, at the heart of the saddle making capital—Aldridge, Walsall. This area is rich with experienced saddle-makers and leather-workers, who take much pride in handing down their craft to younger generations.

What is the difference between a dressage saddle and a jumping saddle?

A jumping saddle typically has a flatter seat and is designed to give riders more freedom to move around. On the other hand, a dressage saddle has a more curved seat and is designed to help riders maintain proper position while they ride.

What is a western dressage saddle?

Western Dressage Saddles – – Here is a saddle that you can adjust to position yourself for balance, alignment, and comfort through seat shims and positioning of the fenders. – The seat is built to accommodate a woman’s pelvis, being narrow through the twist, low in the rise and wide where the seat bones sit.

Is Albion good saddle brand?

Saddles by type – Albion have been developing top quality saddles for the past 25 years and are one of the leading brands in the UK. Albion Saddles are good quality leather saddles with wool flocking and are available with the adjusta tree so that they can be altered to fit the horses changing shape.

Are all Albion saddles adjustable?

ALL Albion tree’s are adjustable. Tree’s made between 1985 and 2013 (before Adjusta-Tree) can be adjusted at Albion HQ by their highly skilled craftsmen. All Platinum saddles (launched in 2005) feature the unique Platinum tree’s which can be interchanged to another fitting by a working saddler or at Albion HQ.

What does the word Albion refer to?

The name Albion has been translated as “white land”; and the Romans explained it as referring to the chalk cliffs at Dover (Latin albus, “white”). Related Places: Great Britain ancient Greece (Show more)

Is Albion K2 adjustable?

Now featuring an adjustable tree the Albion K2 GP saddle is a true all purpose saddle, fitting a wide range of horses with classic styling. Chosen over many years by riders in all disciplines because of its comfort and fit for both horse and rider.

Where is the serial number on an Albion saddle?

You can tell if your Albion saddle is on the adjusta tree by looking at the stamp which can be located on the left side flap, under the girth straps. The stamp will tell you the seat size, width, and model along with the serial number.

Are Black Country saddles adjustable?

Yes, all of our saddles can be adjusted. We do only recommend that they be altered by one width fitting either way.

Do Albion saddles run wide?

The Albions tend to run on the generous side when it comes to tree width,” I said. “He’d likely need a wide tree in some saddles.”

What is an Arab tree saddle?

An Arabian saddle is specifically designed for the distinctive conformation of the Arabian breed. With short, broad backs, low and flat withers, and wide sprung rib cages, Arabian horses will sometimes be difficult to fit with a standard Western saddle with quarter horse bars.

What is a hoop tree in a saddle?

HOOP TREE: a broader and low profile tree with inverted ‘U’ shape head and slightly flatter through the body. Offering a slightly wider gullet and flatter rails often works well on profiles of Baroque, Draught, Native and some heavier old style Warmbloods.


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